Dragonfly Color Selection

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How to select a color or colors.

We use DuPont Imron Single Stage paint. Imron can be mixed in virtually any color, but we
Do Not use Metallic or Clear Coated finishes. In order to see actual color chips, we recommend you
contact your local DuPont distributor. Distributors are the suppliers for your local Auto Body Shops.

They can usually match any color if you take in a chip.

All we need to know is the color number.

We apply only enough paint to encapsulate the polyester fabric, yet still showing the texture of the fabric.
This leaves the fabric looking semi-gloss from a distance.
Any thicker paint, requires the customer sign an "Acknowledgement of Risk" because thicker or mirror finish
builds up the paint to the point that when you press into the fabric with your finger tip or an object,
it can make multiple cracks in a circular pattern around where the pressure is applied.(fisheye cracking)
These cracks do 2 things.
1) They gather dirt, oils etc. and become more apparent, and
2) The cracks cause stress concentrations on the underlying fabric.

All we need to know is the color number or the mixing information.
Color plates can be found in these DuPont color plates brochures.
Elite Color Chart M-4607 --or-- Commercial Coatings M-3699 --or-- Industrial Coatings M-4407

Click for: Industrial Coatings

PLEASE NOTE: Computer Digital on screen colors may vary greatly from actual colors.
We strongly recommend you visit your local DuPont Imron Dealer or Distributor